As a free project we developed two designs of biros for daily use. The pens are characterized by simplicity and ergonomics and have a special idea each. This makes both pens stand out among the variety of biros on the market without loosing function and minimalistic elegance.

The first design features a combined clip and push button that is attached to the body from the side and leaves a gap between top of the body and the pushing-surface. The shape of the body incorporates the function.
The second draft has a monobloc shell that could either be a metallic sleeve or made from plastics. Here clip and push button are merged also with the important difference that the push button is moved to the side and does not protrude on the top end of the pen.


Cooperation: with Studio Moritz Putzier
 looking for producer
Year: 2019
Material: plastics, metal

Request press material: peter@vosding.de

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