Blockbank is a static furniture with a strong geometry. Closed surfaces rest on an open frame. The wide armrests serve as little tables on the right and left side of the bench.

The special thing about Blockbank is its shifted rear leg. It supports the armrest at the very end. Together with the backrest they form a square frame which is characteristic for this product.

During a meeting with Christian Drescher from TECTA, we recognized the relation between our Blockbank and Walter Gropius´ bench D51. The shifted legs, the strong geometry, closed surfaces against an open base… Blockbank could be seen as a reinterpretation of the D51 – related but still independent.

Therefore Blockbank was – for one year – part of BauhausNowhaus edition by TECTA to celebrate 100 years of Bauhaus in 2019.

Fotos: © TECTA Bruchhäuser & Drescher KG


Producer: looking for producer
BauhausNowhaus edition:
Year: 2018
Material: oak wood, upholstery

Request press material: peter@vosding.de

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