The name FANA does not only stand for the form of the product but also for its function:
The lampshade of FANA is a shaped piece of plexiglas which is simply stuck onto a cylindrical base including the light source. Due to this simple connection the lampshade can – like a weather vane – easily be moved in every direction.
The special thing: the translucent, colored plexiglas with a matt surface has the effect that some light shines through the round part of the lampshade that embraces the light tube, whereas the two protruding, plain surfaces focus the rest of the light in the opposite direction.
An interesting light-and-shadow effect on a geometrical, strongly reduced shape creates altogether an enjoyable mood light.


Producer: looking for producer
Year: 2019
Material: aluminum, acrylic glass, electric components

Request press material: peter@vosding.de

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