At the moment we are witness of a revival of fur of any kind. In fashion of course, but also regarding furnishings. You can buy cushions, blankets, stools and armchairs; even lamps are covered with fur. And if a product does not come with any kind of fluffy surface, people tend to throw a piece of sheepskin over it. Moreover we experience a comeback of the famous flokati.

Logical consequence of this hype is to design a product that is not only fluffy in terms of softness but also in terms of a lack of depth or seriousness:
Add some fur to your walls! Just because it is possible, looks nice and because it feels great when you pet your wall shelf. Apart from that it is not really practical. But since people do not own many books any more, picture frames and alcohol bottles are among the things to replace them on the former book shelfs – for these things “Fluffy” is a perfect display.


Producer: looking for producer
Year: 2017
Material: polyester carpet, wood, metal

Request press material: peter@vosding.de

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