The main characteristic of “Kant” is the contrast between sharp edged material on the one hand and a friendly and playful appearance on the other hand.
A slim tube emerges from the plain base of the lamp and holds the lampshade at a reasonable height. Tube and lampshade can be tilted in any direction to perfectly fit to the users needs.
The two main components of this product – base and lampshade – are made of folded metal sheets. Folding sheets of metal is a great way to easily form interesting volumes. Using this technique was the original idea behind this product.
The form of the lampshade has a distinctive direction towards the person using it and perfectly covers the LED light source. The link between lampshade and base of the lamp is a similar form of the two parts what makes the base look like the shadow of the lampshade.


Producer: looking for producer
Year: 2017
Material: metal

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