Rapid Jelly is made using Rapid Prototyping technology and looks like a Jelly Fish swimming in the deep sea.

The name of the product describes the idea behind it perfectly: namely to design a table lamp that can be produced with 3D-printing technologies – in this case a fused filament printer. As material and process allow to create completely new forms, we decided to design a partly closed sphere including lamellae that create a light and shadow pattern on its surface. This monobloc lampshade stands on a little lamp base with a simple led light source.

The two parts are dimensioned and designed to fit into a common 3D printer and can be printed in one process. This opens up the opportunity to start decentralized production: customers can purchase and download a 3D-file and print their own lamp at home. The electronics needed can be bought at a local market.


Producer: looking for producer
Year: 2018
Material: PLA

Request press material: peter@vosding.de

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