Sideboard, room divider, organizer, your own little library… Sinn is a modular furniture that can be used for many different occasions. Two main modules – a big and a small box – can be stacked and arranged in a variety of manners. Each box has four little feet and matching slots on the top to stack them in a proper way. Just put the feet into the slots of the boxes below and you get a pretty stable connection. If not needed, the slots can be closed with little slats.

The large boxes can be equipped with sliding doors to hide the less beautiful things you own. An upholstered board can be added to the sideboard to serve as a seat for your coffee break or to have a quick look into one of your books. The feet that extend into the lower boxes can be used as integrated bookstands in addition to their original function of giving stability.

Sinn can be arranged in a loose, open setting as well as in a compact way. Since the modules fit together in both directions, Sinn can be used as an eye-catching room divider with access to the boxes from either side.


Producer: See Poem
Year: 2018
Material: ash wood, upholstery

Request press material: peter@vosding.de

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