SoftShelf is a minimalistic shelving system. Upholstered walls with intelligent sewing details build a structure that holds clean and elegant boards.
This ends up in a shelving system that furnishes every room in a decent but enriching manner. It is warm and welcoming, absorbs noise and contains your belongings without any compromise.

Small hanging bolts can be positioned at any height on the wall rails underneath the fabric. One just has to spread the fabric a bit along the slot and insert the bolt into the wall rail.
The boards have small millings on their bottom side that fit onto the metal bolts perfectly. Adding the boards gives stability to the whole shelf since this also spans the back wall.

With this concept doors are open to develop a whole collection with corner-solutions, table- extensions or simply doors and drawers for the shelf – just to name a few possibilities.


Producer: looking for producer
Year: 2020
Material: wood, upholstery, fabric

Request press material: peter@vosding.de

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