UrbanFlow is a focus project of four students at the Laboratory for Energy Conversion at ETH Zürich in 2014. I supported them as an external member with concept and design.

Team members:
Paul Westermann, Mechanics
Lukas Kündig, Manufacturing
Vanessa Schröder, Electronics & Testing
Daniel Omidvarkarjan, Fluid Dynamics

More information:

Urban Flow is meant to be mounted on flat roofs of any kind. Especially designed for industrial buildings, that usually offer perfect wind conditions, Urban Flow can be set up individually or combined in sets. In a cluster of at least three Urban Flows you can see the distinctive form of bees honeycombs. This is the perfect shape to force all the wind energy into the tunnel without loss.

The nacelle covers the generator of the wind turbine. It is located right behind the rotors and therefore does not affect important fluid dynamics. Nevertheless it is the heart of the power plant and has the potential of highlighting the most important characteristics of this product: dynamic, effectivity and perfection.

Urban Flow was used at the House of Switzerland during the Olympic Games in Rio 2016!


Producer: looking for producer
Year: 2014
Material: various

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