Wedge is an all wood extendable dining table. Wedge-shaped dovetail battens fit into a wedge-shaped frame. This detail makes Wedge a stable and minimalistic extendable table that has no need for highly technical sliding mechanisms.

The legs are designed to look very slim from one perspective but strong from another. Their curves appear again at the frame as well as the edges of the tabletop. The soft curves are in contrast to the angular mechanism inside the table.

The table can be shipped as a flatpack. After mounting the frame, you can start adding the two parts of the tabletop. Simply place them between the slots in the frame and slide them into their position. A stem in the middle of the base defines the position of the tabletop-parts and assures stability.

Seen from below, you can face the simple sliding mechanism. The dovetail battens underneath the tabletop-parts perfectly fit into the frame and allow smooth sliding. this novel sliding mechanism not only helps to make assembly easy. The actual function of it is to easily extend the table while maintaining stability and a clean, valuable look.


Producer: See Poem
Year: 2018
Material: oak wood

Request press material: peter@vosding.de

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